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As a professional builder in Western New York (WNY) we are in tune with the expectations of our potential homebuyers. We take pride in recognizing current trends in residential design and construction products and we also make sure that our homebuyers experience a high quality, energy efficient custom home and understand the difference it makes. Our most important tool is our commitment to listen to your concerns and we seek to provide satisfactory answers!

Based on the information you provide us, we can select from our files the floor plans (over 2000 plans, all customizable) that approximate your description. An existing floor plan is an ideal place to begin. Occasionally, it is necessary to alter the original design. We will work with the most appropriate method to suit your needs.

Feel free to look over our Traditional, Ranch, Contemporary and custom home plans! These are just a few of the many designs that Mordeno Construction offers!

Ranch Homes
Traditional Homes
Contemporary Homes
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